Juma Al Majid Group is a Dubai-based conglomerate with its beginnings in 1950. Today the Group has over 38 companies with various business lines. Contracting and Services is one of the sectors of the Group and Al Arabia Elevators and Moving Systems is a business unit in Contracting and Services Sector.


In 2016, Juma Al Majid’s Al Arabia Elevators and Moving Systems, won in the category Real Estate and Construction at the International Business Excellence Awards. CXM World had the pleasure to talk to Dr Saleh M. Chehade, chief contracting officer (CCO) at the Juma Al Majid Group.

HH Sheikh Mansour Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum with the winning team of Al Arabiya.

HH Sheikh Mansour Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum with the winning team of Al Arabia.


CXM World: In 2014, Al Arabia for Elevators and Moving Systems started a new era with the new management team. In short, what are the biggest achievements of the new management and how did they transform your business in reality?

Dr. Saleh ChehadeOur biggest achievement are that through management leadership and inspiration, we transformed the company’s mindset/culture from persons oriented to process oriented and from process to results oriented organisation. When it comes to business in reality, we had revenue growth by 52% in 2015 and maintenance portfolio growth by 15%.


CXM World: What was the role of your employees during the re-engineering process? In what ways did they help the transformation of the business?

Dr. Saleh Chehade: The sincere/genuine employees’ willingness to invest time and energy in attending diversified training sessions at all hierarchy levels and in all domains has resulted in extensive staff innovations with successful realisations. At the same time during processes of re-engineering, the teamwork spirit has aroused between all stakeholders leading to outstanding results regarding quality, efficiency and productivity.


CXM World: Have you noticed any changes in customer satisfaction after the management change and in what ways?

Dr. Saleh Chehade: Although recently re-engineered (early 2015) voice of the customer solutions and survey analysis has demonstrated a steady improvement regarding our customer satisfaction in the following fields:

  • Availability of sales assistance
  • Efficiency of the call center and speed of staff intervention on site
  • Professionalism of our HSE team
  • Technician engagement and politeness
  • Management’s direct involvement in case of complain

CXM World: How do you motivate your employees during the hot summer months and Ramadan?

Dr. Saleh Chehade: We are improving soft skills through internal campaign. We are also working on revising workloads, sites schedules and focus on critical activities, which makes our motto Work Smarter not Harder. Safety talks and safety awareness campaign turned out very helpful. We run a successful corporate social responsibility initiative by maintaining a quiet and peaceful atmosphere to match the spirituality of the month, which will positively impact staff morale and productivity. That being said, we insist on short meetings as well as on health and weight loss campaign.  Using weight loss measuring and monitoring can be used as an idea to enhance business excellence culture where employees learn that the first step in improvement is measuring.


CXM World: On what results are you especially proud of in your business so far?

Dr. Saleh Chehade: We are especially proud of staff retention and loyalty and cost of poor quality awareness, geographic coverage expansion in UAE in terms of sales and of course, our business growth.


CXM World: If you could describe IBX Awards in three words, what would those words be?

Dr. Saleh Chehade: Confidence building, recognition, professionalism.


CXM World: Would you come to IBX Awards again next year?

Dr. Saleh Chehade: Certainly



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