Here are the latest tech news stories from the UAE and around the world.

 1. Dubai Police tests hover bikes and here is the video showing it all. 

The new hover bike would allow Dubai Police staff to arrive at places of accident or

2. Cortana can now access your Skype chats and assist from within

Your smart assistant can now enter your private and group chats to assist you and your correspondents. It will work on  iOS and Android, but it will be introduced gradually starting from US.

  3. Now you can activate Siri through your AirPods

All you need is a new app that allows you to use in-ear headphones with Google’s digital assistant. Once installed just double click on either of the pods and you can activate Siri easily.

  4. Augmented reality is coming to Dubai shops pretty soon

Gulf News at Gitex Technology Week are giving us an insight on the future of in-store shopping. Their idea is to use Mirrors equipped with augmented reality to let you try on clothes without actually putting them on.

  5. Google Mini listened in on some of its users: it appears that this unusual behaviour was caused by a glitch

A small number of devices, distributed mostly among reporters, were affected by this glitch, so Google has disabled the feature, urging anyone who notices unusual behaviour to contact their support centre.



  6. Rumours have already started about the next year’s iPhones.

No one can be sure if these are true, but they have started pretty early. However, there is still a lot of time for Apple to lead these phones in the direction they want. Take a look at the list.


  7. Your iPhone is running slower with each update. Should you blame Apple?

Every year iOS update makes your iPhone slower than the year before, which can only lead you to believe that Apple is slowing down your phone on purpose. Thanks to a company named Futuremark we can see what is the real issue here.

  8. Amazon is allegedly trying to find a suitable way to deliver your package directly to your home.

On numerous occasions, Amazon packages get destroyed before the owners get them. That is why Amazon is working on developing a ‘smart doorbell’ to facilitate entry into your home or your car.

  9. Get rid of your Facebook Messenger and replace it with Messenger Lite.

Even if Messenger Lite was created specifically for countries with slow internet you can still download it and use it on your phone. There’s plenty of perks!

  10. The ultimate comparison: Pixel 2 vs iPhone 8 vs Galaxy S8.

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