We always hear motivation statements that push us to go bigger and better. However, when it comes to implementation, it becomes difficult to apply.

I went through a life example few days ago when I was moving with my kids to have our family weekly walk on Thursday evening when my elder daughter informed me that the DVD player installed in the back seat has lost a piece that used to cover the ports used for USB, AUX, and other slots of external connections to various devices. Honestly, I turned mad as I recently bought it and didn’t expect it to be broken that quick!

All of a sudden, while I’m searching for the missing broken part on the car floor, she tried to calm me down by telling “Daddy, it’s now easier to connect our devices as no need to pull the missing part to uncover the slots!”. “What you are telling is so ridiculous”, I shouted at her. She replied, “I’m trying to look at the bright side of what happened!”. I was surprised by her response and I had mixed feelings; being disappointed of what happened and proud of my daughter’s way of thinking and her application to my continuous guidance in that regard.

I was surprised by her response and I had mixed feelings. I was disappointed because of what happened and proud of my daughter’s way of thinking and her application to my continuous guidance in that regard.

The flipped side of the coin is where we may deal with people who don’t have the courage or willingness to move forward and always look for excuses to justify their failure and very persistent to keep the status quo.

Those people usually intrinsically demotivate themselves with statements, actions, and attitudes that unconsciously support their inner desire not to take the initiative to own their journey for change. In this article, I’m spotting the light on three devastating statements that we should never expect any positive improvement once they are explicitly proclaimed.

“Why me?

“Why me”, is the first and most harmful question to self-motivation. It is always said once one falls into disturbing issues or suffer through some hardships. Actually, this unanswered question often leads to more frustration and deep disappointment rather than looking for solutions or even better thoughts. Once we think of those two words, we immediately need to remember how we are bestowed with thousands of blessings that we may think they are given for granted.

This question inevitably stops our mind endorsing any positive actions or accepting the idea that some failures are healthy once looked at as lessons to learn from. Why don’t we say “why me?” in pleasant situations?

Being grateful energises our souls and bodies to better perform towards achieving our goals.

 “I did all that I could.”

I did all that I could” is the second statement that sometimes people say once they reckon they have nothing extra to do which is totally unacceptable in many situations. First of all, the sky is the limit either for our dreams or actions. Nothing should block us from exerting more efforts to get what we look for.

Whatever the roadblocks are tough or harsh to come over, we are the only ones who set our limits and accordingly the bar could be raised or lowered depending on our expectations. We must defend our existence and dreams that will support our actions through positive statements and back them with affirmative attitudes.

What else can I do?

What else can I do” is the last statement in this negative set of sentences which again causes reluctance and embraces no change. When we state that question, we usually mean that we did every possible action and not willing to go further. Those words both limit our abilities to do more and even screen any potential intention to reveal other initiatives or solutions to any existing critical situations. It’s way easier for us to give up than fighting for a purpose. But easy paths usually lead to traditional and typical results, however, unique routes mostly drive us to untapped territories where we establish and maintain a higher self-esteem and self-actualization.


Finally, it’s very crucial to demonstrate commitment, dedication, and willingness to be exposed to new challenges in order to stretch our capabilities rather than sabotaging our inner feelings and misguide ourselves through such destroying statements. Being positive in our thoughts; our actions will follow and definitely pleasant outcomes will be the end results. Stay positive, stay focused.


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