What makes Bee’ah’s CSR initiatives unique is that besides being a full circle solution for waste and environmental solutions, the company also offers a fully integrated CSR program.

Bee’ah was founded in 2007 as an environmental management company based in Sharjah. From the very beginning, Bee’ah had clear goals, such as making Sharjah the Environmental Capital of the Middle East and the first Arab city to reach Zero-Waste to Landfill by diverting 100% of its waste through recycling and conversion. Since then, Bee’ah has inspired many companies and individuals and shared CSR initiatives and sustainable solutions that humanity needs now more than ever.

All Bee’ah’s CSR initiatives are identified in a participatory manner, in consultation with the community and gauging with their basic needs. Based on a consensus and in discussion with the company’s various stakeholders, projects are prioritised, identified and implemented.

In 2016, Bee’ah won two awards at the International Business Excellence Awards in Dubai for Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.  That being said, there are some lessons other companies can learn from Bee’ah, especially when it comes to successful implementation of the CSR initiatives.

  1. CSR initiatives are a great opportunity for education

The Bee’ah School of Environment tackles a lack of sufficient education and motivation for the general public to act now to reverse the negative impact of industrialisation on our environment. 

As a CSR-focused company, Bee’ah proactively promotes public interest by encouraging community growth and development. That’s why the company developed the Bee’ah School of Environment, one of the most successful CSR initiatives that educates and builds the awareness to affect positive change and action among the general public. However, while being focused on the general public now, the company felt that it could achieve even greater results and influence by reaching out to next generation of children.

One of the mission statements at the Bee’ah School of Environment is that with the support of an educated and inspired community, our goals can be achieved.

The BSOE program was successfully implemented based on one principle, which is that environmental education should not be an extra-curricular part of the children’s day, but rather a curriculum-based solution. That is why Bee’ah developed lessons plans and educated teachers how develop the initiative further through using regular workshops and an online portal.

The initiative was blessed with significant governmental support, starting from His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah, to the Ministry of Education and the Sharjah Education Zone.

2. Raising public awareness directly affects the company’s business goals and social agenda

The overall strategic plan for Bee’ah is to achieve 100% diversion rate in the landfills that the company operates. By educating the public and raising awareness, Bee’ah optimises segregation from the source of the waste generated by people recycling at home. That makes the quality of the recyclables collected at a better level to recover and recycle it therefore away from the landfill.

Thanks to the Public Awareness program, Bee’ah makes a direct impact on educating the residents, including the housekeepers who look after the homes.

3. Including other companies in CSR initiatives through public events is good

While implementing CSR initiatives in the past years, Bee’ah realised that a lot of its partners want to a part of the initiatives. The company then saw an opportunity to include sponsors to be involved and also physically participate and give back to the communities they service through their products and services.

Involving partners through CSR initiatives also meant that the loop between the consumers and the businesses was closed by connecting them on a social level. The education initiative was especially attractive to the relevant stakeholders who wished to be involved. Through public events, Bee’ah was able to engage its audience at grass-root level.

4. Think about choosing a holistic approach while implementing CSR initiatives

Bee’ah’s initiatives have been a huge success and therefore have been touted by many international organisations for its holistic approach and effectiveness in creating a positive change  in a city and region that has a negative reputation when it comes to the environmental issues. The holistic approach doesn’t only solve one problem in one way, but it actually affects change on a large scale using people, tools and programs, all working hand in hand.

5. Commercial Awareness leads to Public Awareness

Bee’ah is aware of the fact that in order to make an initiative work, there have to be people involved and interested in participating. That is why the company has a dedicated unit that handles both Public and Commercial Awareness. The unit audits an area first, and depending on the demographics and number of houses in the area, the teams prepare community workshops to drive in awareness and engagement.

6. Your employees are the best advocates of your CSR initiatives

Like all successful companies, Bee’ah includes employees in its initiatives. Employees within the company have therefore increased their personal participation and became environmental advocates and ambassadors, both locally and internationally.





Bee’ah knows that involving employees in important initiatives is good for the business. How do you keep your employees motivated and involved? Share your experiences, network and learn from other professionals in the business at the Gulf Employee Experience Awards 2016.

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