To adopt blockchain solutions properly means to enable seamless operating. Blockchain technology offers a promise of an easier and safer tomorrow. However, companies need to provide more distinct business models. Blockchain isn’t new technology but in order to enable improvement and growth, it needs to be revolutionised in some way.

Joseph Toh, a blockchain expert and Founder of Digital Billions from Singapore, explained the benefits of using blockchain technology solutions. This isn’t only about current solutions available but also about how blockchain technology can help in creating a better future for everyone. Digital Billions is an award-winning company responsible for creating innovative blockchain solutions that increase efficiency and productivity.

Mr Toh is a professional with over twenty years of experience in the digital industry. Prior to founding Digital Billions, he was collaborating with Start-up Bootcamp, where he offered his expertise by mentoring those who needed consultation on how to improve or monetise. According to him, there are some approaches on how to adopt blockchain solutions that simply weren’t operational. He saw the opportunity for investment in various companies, joining other brilliant developers to create the solutions that Digital Billions offers today.

adopt blockchain solutions

Mr Joseph Toh, Founder of Digital Billions

When experts put innovation into the right perspective, they create solutions like Decentralized Business Network, that enables companies to govern, collaborate, delegate and monetise in more efficient ways. Also, it makes the exchange decentralised, by providing an online encrypted currency. The company offers solutions for Secure Document Managing, Data Driven Marketing Services, Award-wining Trade Finance, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

However, the most innovative and patented solution is the world’s first Hack Proof Digital Signature and Wallet. Mr Toh and his team developed a combination of mobile software hardware based on TEE (Trusted Execution Environment). In simple words, this wallet replaces every card including an ID, while being completely safe. The digital identity is protected and it supports both IOS and Android-powered devices.

This already successful company didn’t stop improving after winning the award for one of their solutions. Company’s Founder, Mr Toh, who has also participated as a judge in awards programmes previously, said his team is interested in getting other recognitions and will be joining Awards International Singapore’s briefing session for the upcoming Singapore and Regional Customer Experience Awards.

As Mr Toh explained being part of an Awards programme is great as it raises the awareness of the business and its innovative products. When a company has projects and solutions that fundamentally change things for the better, getting into the competition is a way to market those products to the right audience. The South East Asia market is very competitive and such programmes provide the necessary bridge between companies and consumers by raising the bar.