The key to good business is brain power, and if the brain is your business engine – humming away under the bonnet of your skull – then it’s best to keep it running with high-octane fuel.

This fuel is, of course, food.  Consider food as ideas: fresh and vibrant will keep you moving in the right direction, but stale junk is not going to motivate you towards your goals.

Research by the World Health Organisation has found that eating the right foods boosts brain power by as much as 20 percent, so to keep on top of your game it might be time to rethink your meal plan, and to bin some bad snacking habits entirely.

Here are eight foods that along with keeping your body healthy, will stimulate your grey matter and ensure you can stay focused throughout your business hours.


One of the true ‘superfoods’, these leaves are dense with antioxidants that keep the brain’s level of damaging free radicals down and mental decline at bay. Stock up on spinach for tasty lunch salads to ensure peak cerebral performance.


A drink that, if you’re a dedicated CXM World reader and business professional, you likely need no prompting to percolate. The caffeine keeps you alert for those morning meetings, and also improves reaction times and logical reasoning.

Green Tea

No mere refreshing beverage, a cup of green tea is one of the healthiest liquids we can consume, and as well as properties including reducing the risk of certain cancers, green tea is also considered to be a fantastic memory booster.


Long known to have amazing health benefits for the body, recent research shows this little green veg has brain regeneration properties. This one might bring back bad childhood memories, but with a range of modern recipes bringing out the best in broccoli – rather than boiling it to the point of blandness – now’s the time to tuck in once again.


Sadly, we’re not referring to milk chocolate here, so hold your horses before guzzling a fatty bar laden with sugar. It’s dark chocolate with a high cacao content that works magic on your grey matter. It’ll help with both memory and mood, so look for cacao levels of around 70 percent and above in a bar.


A Middle Eastern staple, dates are already well-known for health benefits including the lowering of blood pressure and aiding digestion. However, their Vitamin B6 levels are now believed to be behind their brain-boosting strength.

Pumpkin Seeds

An easy snack to satisfy daytime food cravings, these little beauties contain essential Omega 3 fatty acids that keep your mind sharp, while their magnesium content has a calming influence, that will help with critical thinking.


While seeds are great for those omegas, its fish that pack the most punch in this area. Specifically oily fish such as salmon, which contains copious amounts of these substances that work to protect your brain cells from wear and tear.