Canadian Specialist Hospital and the Dubai Charity Association have embarked on a combined mission to provide the best medical and health care services for patients who do not have the means to cover the costs of their treatment.

The hospital will offer medical treatment and support services for dialysis patients who require periodic and long-term sessions as well as ambulance services for emergency cases to the hospital for the year 2018. Both the organisations have recently signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understating) to roll out this initiative.

To avail the offer, patients must apply through Dubai Charity Association, after which they will be selected based on their health and medical conditions.

The MoU was signed at the headquarters of the Dubai Charity Association, by Mr Ahmed Mohammed Bin Mesmar, Secretary General of the Dubai Charity Association, and Dr Yashar Ali Abdul Qader, Director General of Canadian Specialist Hospital. The MoU also includes the provision of discounted treatment services for all cases transferred from the Dubai Charity Society and its staff.

Dr Yashar Ali Abdul Qader, CEO, Canadian Specialist Hospital, said:

“In order to help patients and support commendable humanitarian efforts of Dubai Charity Association, we will be providing exclusive rates to Dubai Charity Association.  Our collaboration with the Association marks a crucial step in our journey towards reaching out to patients who lack resources to cover their treatments. We have conducted several activities and offered various packages to help patients in the past and we continue to do so by joining hands with associations that are dedicated to helping others.”

As part of their social courtesy, Canadian Specialist Hospital will also offer support for training requirements, community betterment activities, social welfare activities, and health awareness programmers organised by Dubai Charity Association.

Due to the high incidence of diabetes and hypertension, the number of kidney diseases cases has been on a rise in the UAE. As kidney diseases do not manifest early symptoms, they are often diagnosed at a later stage leading to increased number of dialysis cases. Patients who suffer from diabetes and have a family history of kidney diseases are recommended to go for screenings every six months.

Recently, Canadian Specialist Hospital also signed a contract with Dubai Health Authority to offer discounted prices for dialysis and cataract surgeries to selected patients. The hospital will be offering half the price to selected patients on dialysis sessions, lab tests and cataract surgeries along with complimentary consultation with the doctor.