Mohammed Husary is the co-founder and Executive President of UAS International Trip Support, and judged at the 2018 International Business Excellence Awards. In an exclusive article for CXM World, he discusses the mindset required for entrepreneurial success…



The entrepreneurial spirit exists in a unique group of people that share common mindsets regardless of their industry, location, or the times in which they live.

While I believe many entrepreneurs are naturals and simply born that way, I also think it is possible for a person to cultivate this way of seeing the world if they possess – or are willing to develop – certain character traits.

When I look back on my life and career so far, I can see that I was a born entrepreneur. At 19 years old, I was the co-founder of a million-dollar start-up. Certainly, I come from an ambitious and industrious family: my father, Hisham, was amongst the first visionaries to pioneer business aviation in the Middle East. His passion and focus were integral to laying the foundations of the regional industry.

For myself, I cannot remember a time when I didn’t look around me and see potential, even when many people saw only limitations. As a boy I remember envisioning making an impact in the world and never doubting that I would succeed. Where some saw only problems, I saw challenges that could be overcome.

I was never content to sit back and let things happen to me, I was determined to control my destiny. This is the first and most important mindset of the entrepreneur: having the passion and determination to push past all obstacles in your path and ultimately see your vision come alive.

Establishing a company in a highly competitive and dynamic industry is an uncertain and stressful experience but I possessed a clear purpose, something that’s vital to fuel the motivation and perseverance required to achieve success. I knew that, even in the most challenging economies and industries, if I put in the necessary work to become the best at what I did, I would be successful. In 2001, six months after its inception, UAS was named the fastest growing aviation company in the world by the UK’s Institute of Transport Management; we grew rapidly because solution-focused leadership meant we could solve our clients’ problems and anticipate the aviation industry’s constantly changing demands.

UAS has grown consistently, even throughout times of international financial uncertainty and crises, because of the quality of service we deliver. In the 18 years since its foundation, UAS has become one of the world’s industry leaders, winning numerous industry accolades and awards. It has expanded to serve all continents with headquarters in Dubai, Houston, Johannesburg, and Hong Kong. There are regional offices in Beijing, New Delhi, Nairobi, and Lagos, and a presence in 23 locations globally.

In 2016, with my partners, we signed a strategic partnership with leading Asian operator Deer Jet that has marked yet another milestone of success in its history. We have also expanded our offering by creating our own technology that is revolutionising traditional industry procedures and consistently improving user experience. We have lost none of our hunger and despite our enormous success to date, we see our most significant achievements still ahead of us.

My personal story gave me a unique perspective when I was invited to be a judge at the 2018 International Business Excellence Awards. It was an interesting experience for me and one I enjoyed immensely. Participating crystalised a view I have long held: that although every organisation is different, business practice improves for everyone when solution-focussed mindsets collaborate and share their knowledge and experience.