Motorists in Dubai are being offered a range of incentives to make the switch to electric vehicles in the coming years.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) and the Road Transport Authority (RTA) are spending millions of dirhams to increase the number of non-fossil fuel burning cars on the streets.

The incentives announced on Sunday include free Salik, free public parking, free charging at 100 points until the end of 2019, and the waiving of vehicle registration and renewal fees.

The long-term goal of the new incentives is to increase the number of electric vehicles in Dubai to 10 percent of overall traffic by 2030.

Currently, just two percent of Dubai’s cars are powered by electricity.

The move to reduce the carbon footprint of Dubai’s motorists comes at a time of revolutionary change in the vehicle market.

The Chief Executive of Dubai Carbon, Ivano Iannelli, said the future cars likely to be favoured by average motorists will not be built by the traditional companies.

“Don’t expect EV manufacturers to be the BMW or Toyota, but your Apple, Google and other disruptive innovation companies,” he said.

“These are the companies that no one has heard of or feel threatened by currently, but tomorrow, they’ll be the ‘Teslas’ attacking the market.”

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