Dubai International Airport has the world’s fastest wi-fi according to a new online speed test.

The air hub had its wi-fi service upgraded in March, with Dubai Airports claiming the 100mbps speed was the world’s fastest.

That claim has been confirmed by Seattle-based internet metrics firm Ookla, whose latest report states: “Dubai reigns when it comes to free airport wi-fi.”

During the period between March and May, it was found that the airport’s average upload speed (46.27mbps) was faster than its download speed (39.50mbps).

An Ookla spokesperson said:

“The UAE has clearly prioritised airport wi-fi because the wi-fi download speed at Dubai International is nearly double the country average of 22.12 mbps.”

Seoul International Airport came second in the top 10 list with an average download and upload speed of 26.52 mbps and 32.76 mbps, respectively.

Tokyo Airport followed with an average download and upload speed of 18.28 mbps and 21.89 mbps.

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