In support of the UAE’s recent Year-of-Giving initiative, Dubai’s Canadian Specialist Hospital will be contributing 10.5 million dirhams for the treatment of 175 patients for dialysis and cataract surgery during 2018.

The hospital will be offering half the price to selected patients on dialysis sessions, lab tests, and cataract surgeries along with complimentary consultation with the doctor.

The hospital will conduct dialysis sessions for 125 underprivileged patients next year, and will offer discounted prices for cataract surgeries to 50 patients who are unable to afford the full cost of the operation.

Dr Yashar Ali, CEO of Canadian Specialist Hospital, said:

“Year-of-Giving is all about offering support to the people and we endeavor to target and extend help towards patients who lack the resources to get themselves treated. This year has been a great one for the UAE in terms of charity and volunteering and we are honored to be a part of this initiative by treating patients in need.”

The enrolment for the offer started in the first week of December. UAE nationals and Dubai residents are required to submit their documents to Canadian Specialist Hospital in order to avail the offer.

After submission, the application will be reviewed by DHA and the applicant will receive a response within two working days. The decision would be based on the financial status and health condition of the patient.

In the UAE, the demand for dialysis has been on the rise due to the increase in the number of diabetes and hypertension cases, which incidentally are the leading causes of kidney diseases. Kidney diseases are often diagnosed at the later stage as they do not manifest early symptoms. People with diabetes and family history of kidney diseases are recommended to go for screenings every six months to avoid being diagnosed at the last stage where dialysis is the only solution.

Diabetes and hypertension are also major contributors towards the growing number of patients suffering from cataracts. This condition may develop due to diabetic retinopathy, eye injury, ageing, or other medical issues.

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