Terminal 3 at the Dubai International Airport is ushering passengers through brand new smart gates with face-recognition technology. 

Queues at the immigration desk have dropped thanks to the new technology reducing the time spent on each passenger to an average of just five seconds.

The smart gates are available to travellers holding an Emirates ID card, registered passport, or E-gate and Skyward card.

Brigadier Talal Ahmad Al Shanqeti, of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA), said:

When passengers arrive at or leave the country, passport control officials stamp the passports while taking their biometric and face-recognition data. So next time these residents use the airport, their passports are already registered, and the new smart gates will open through face recognition,

The new gates are faster and more accurate, which contributed to reducing queues of passengers and speeding up the passport control process.

The Plans are underway to increase the remaining 97 gates with the upgraded smart gates.

Major General Mohammad Al Marri, of the GDRFA, added:

If an Emirati is travelling and he suddenly discovers that his passport expires in less than six months, which most countries don’t allow, he/she can approach the center and get the passport renewed on the spot.

The only thing done manually is printing the visa on passports, the rest is all done online.