GITEX Technology Week has revealed several projects that are going to make travel much easier for travellers at Dubai Airport.

All GCC citizens and UAE residents will only need their smartphone to go through gates without immigration checks, meaning fewer queues.

There are three smart initiatives: the first one – already being implemented within limits – allows passengers to board planes without their passport or boarding pass, with their smartphone the only thing required for identification.

The other two initiatives, still in the process of implementation, is a 15 second ‘smart tunnel’ walk to finish the immigration check and a ride in your smart e-car to get you to the airport in the first place.

All the necessary travel documentation can be stored on the Smart UAE Wallet app.

Capt Amer Rashed Almheiri, of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, said of the Dubai 10X Initiative project:

“There is a camera inside the car that uses facial recognition, which is connected to smart immigration gates at the check-in areas.

All information are captured, including passport details and the boarding pass will be sent to the counter. The traveller will not have to go through the immigration and can go straight to the lounge and the boarding gate.

What is more amazing is that there is a weighing scale and scanner at the boot of the car so the baggage will be weighed, scanned for any prohibited materials and after passing the scanning will go straight to the cargo area of the plane.

At present, e-gates at the Dubai airport terminals still require an Emirates ID to access the system but for smart gates, the passenger only has to scan the barcode on the smart phones to open the smart gate. Then the passenger will scan his/her fingerprint and the entire process is finished in under 15 seconds.”


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