The Pret-A-Cover Buyer’s Lane fashion event concluded this week in Dubai with an exclusive Closing Ceremony at IFDC partner Artist Playground by Pullman Hotels.

The winning shows were announced by Alison Tay, Editor in Chief of Grazia Middle East. On viewing video shows from over 30 participating designers, Alison said:

“Film is becoming an increasingly powerful tool when it comes to fashion, and I was very impressed to see each designer use this platform to create and continue the conversation about modesty.”

The three winners announced were local modest fashion brand The Modist, modest athleisure wear leader Under-Rapt, and US-based streetwear accessories designer Huda Nagassi.

The winners were chosen by Alison Tay and her team at Grazia Middle East, the partner publication of the week-long modest fashion and design event that took place at City Walk in Dubai this past week and their fashion films will be hosted on

Alison made an honourable mention of Blue Meets Blue:

“The meaning behind the brand moved us to tears. We were so inspired by Shahd Alasaly using her training in psychology to create opportunities for refugees and create such beautiful designs. It’s a wonderful story we look forward to sharing with our readers.”

Alia Khan, Chairwoman of the Islamic Fashion Design Council (IFDC), organiser of the Pret-A-CoverTM Buyer’s Lane concluded the closing ceremony by recognising key people that made all the difference in helping her realise the modest revolution. This included the list of sponsoring partners including the support of the Dubai government’s DIEDC, as well as an exceptional team that came together to bring a vision to reality.

She said:

“We couldn’t have come up with a better way to end the show than by recognizing some of the great work of the amazing partners and team members, while recognizing a selection of brands we have brought together at this event. The modest fashion industry is exploding globally and we’re giving emerging brands the platform to pave the way and define what this niche industry will look like in the years ahead. We’re honoured to have had the chance to facilitate dialogue around modest fashion and excited for what the future holds for the industry.”

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