The number of countries that chose to cut diplomatic and all other ties with Qatar is increasing. It now includes the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, and Maldives.

As reported by WAM, the news agency from the UAE, the country has severed all relations and broke the diplomatic relationship with the State of Qatar. This means that Qatari diplomats must leave the UAE within 48 hours from the official announcement. This decision was in support of statements of Kingdom of Bahrain and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Qatar.

As a consequence, Qatari nationals do not have permission to enter the UAE or to cross any of its points of entry. Those visiting or residing in the UAE have 14 days to leave the country. The ban goes both ways, so UAE nationals aren’t allowed to travel, stay or transit through Qatar.

Here’s are the answers to some of the issues regarding the Qatar crisis that impact UAE residents and visitors:

  • How to travel back from the UAE to Qatar when all of the direct flights were canceled? – The solution is to fly to Kuwait or Oman (or another destination of choice) and take a connecting flight from there.  
  • In case you are a Qatari tourist and you planned to prolong your stay, what can you do? Qatari tourists will have to depart within the given 14 days for the precautionary security reasons.
  • Should you leave the UAE if you are a Qatari national residing in the UAE? – Yes, the same 14 days deadline applies and you are obliged to leave the country within this period of time.
  • Can Emirati citizen transit through Qatar? The answer is no. Traveling, staying or transiting through Qatar territories is forbidden for the UAE nationals.
  • Will Qatari diplomatic missions in the UAE will be open? This is very unlikely to happen since the UAE broke off all diplomatic relations, which includes consular and embassy staff.


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