Digital experiences outside of work have made life simpler, easier, and more convenient. Today’s top talent is demanding the same at work, and global research of 500 human resources executives across 20 industries reveals that providing excellent employee experiences, enabled by technology, is becoming the new way to win the never-ending war for talent.

Insights into this digital transformation of the employee experience were released by ServiceNow in The New CHRO Agenda: Employee Experience Drives Business Value.

The report details the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO’s) journey to greater impact; how Employee Experience is evolving to impact business results; and the impact of an HR function’s capabilities on retaining and attracting the best talent.

Over the last three years, CHROs have seen their responsibilities move beyond the core responsibilities of delivering HR services, record keeping, and attracting top talent, to a broader role in leading key strategy discussions around advancing corporate goals, driving digital initiatives, and contributing to business performance.

Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of CHROs say it’s their responsibility to drive corporate performance.

CHROs expect their success to be defined by the consumer-like employee experience. In fact, more than half of CHROs (56 percent) say the ability to create a digital, consumerised Employee Experience will define their roles in three years, compared with just six percent who say traditional HR will define their role.

Other findings include:

  • 66 percent of CHROs say the employee experience will drive quantifiable productivity gains across the business
  • 44 percent of CHROs expect to be judged on their digitization success achieved not alone but by partnering with other C-level executives to set and manage strategy
  • Three out of five CHROs say HR is now a driver of digital transformation, a top strategic priority for most enterprises
  • 77 percent, or more than three in in four, of CHROs say they expect to see improved employee experiences from digital transformation in the next three years
  • 83 percent of CHROs say the employee experience is important to the organization’s success.

The best talent today expects great digital experiences at work,” said Pat Wadors, Chief Talent Officer, ServiceNow.

Top talent can work anywhere, and they are choosing companies that embrace advanced technology to make work simpler, faster, better. A fundamental shift is under way, and top human resources leaders are creating a new employee experience, realizing that great benefits and cool office perks are no longer enough. Employees want great digital experiences that make work, work better for them.”