“Understand our values, and you will understand us”

If you had to describe Biz Group in one sentence, you would probably say that it is a UAE-based training and teambuilding-solutions company founded in 1993. The truth is, Biz Group is so much more. By improving other people’s businesses and lives, Biz Group is growing as well.

Source: www.facebook.com/bizgroup

Source: www.facebook.com/bizgroup

One of the common statements at the Biz Group is that they change the way people think and work every day. They do it through corporate trainings, team buildings and corporate event. Biz Group genuinely connects people and work, which brings us to the next, also very frequently used statement at Biz Group:

“Companies don’t succeed, people do”

When it comes to our jobs, we are all aware of how much work can be overwhelming. Emails, apps, meetings, unpredicted issues… The list goes on. However, Biz Group doesn’t add up to this list of annoyance with dull trainings that waste everyone’s time. On the contrary, they teach people how to change the way they work and think. If you feel frustrated at work, it may time for a change, and the best way to start is from yourself. Biz Group teaches people how to bring that passion back, because without passion, work is just something you do, and it shouldn’t be like that.

What about Biz Group’s passion?

It is clear that the company invests a lot in supporting its values. It is also clear they pay special attention to their employees’ development and their dreams. Literally.

Source: www.facebook.com/bizgroup/ Wall of Dreams at Biz Group

Source: www.facebook.com/bizgroup/ Wall of Dreams at Biz Group

You are probably thinking: “What kind of company does this for its employees?” It only gets better from here. 

According to Matt Jennison, a Biz Group employee, he received one of the warmest receptions from his employer at Biz Group four years ago, Gulf News reports. But before he arrived to Dubai, his wife received a bunch of flowers and chocolates delivered to her door with a note from Matt’s new colleagues who thanked her for letting the company “borrow” her husband.

Biz Group goes the extra mile to make sure new employees feel special on their first day. Balloons, promotional gifts, handwritten welcome card are also included. But it doesn’t end there. One of the coolest initiatives from Biz Group are definitely “shout out cards” where employees can write down a personalised note to recognise a colleague’s achievement on a weekly basis. These messages are read aloud at every Sunday morning meeting.

Improving public sector

In 2015, Dubai SME partnered with Biz Group to work on innovation within the SME sector through specialised training. Impactful and interactive programs from Biz Group based on cultural understanding and knowledge of the local business landscape helped Dubai SME encourage innovation in the private sector.

According to HR experts, companies that focus on their employees can save more money on the high costs of recruiting talent.

“When organisations that do not invest time and money to actively engage their employees will have to invest more time and money on continued restructuring, recruiting and re-training staff,” Annalinde Nickisch, an HR consultant at The Thought Factory, tells Gulf News.

“Actively engaging employees through team building, rewards or incentives does not only increase the loyalty of an employee, it is the commercially sensible thing to do. Organisations that keep a high satisfaction level commonly have a lower employee attrition rate, thus, spend less on re-hiring and re-training new employees,” Annalinde concluded.



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