– Don’t come to the interview wearing a T-shirt, chewing a gum and make sure to turn off your phone…These are just some simple pieces of advice which you can find in many guides on how to conduct yourself at interviews.

So, what led me to write this article?

1. Take your time on making a decision

For me, hiring a person is a bit like getting married. Think about it, you will spend more time at work than you ever will with your spouse, so you want to get it right. The interview process is like dating and getting to know each other takes time. Just like you wouldn’t rush into any relationship, you should not rush with the interviews.

2. Use your experience

I have done more interviews than I can remember, both as an interviewer and a candidate. But there seems to be a new trend emerging which is rather irritating from my point of view. The candidates act as if they have a crystal ball and know what I am about to say before I say it. The reality is that they get it wrong most times. To make things worse, they jump to making assumptions. They not only assume questions but their answers are far too long. After 15 minutes of uninterrupted talk, my mind becomes totally frazzled. Don’t let the candidate distract you with incredibly long talk, and just keep your focus on what is important. They can be on the wrong track but that shouldn’t affect you. If you notice they are far too off topic, stop them and ask what you want.

3. Be realistic

So back to our dating analogy. When you meet someone, you know that person is not going to be perfect. We are all humans and our flaws are what can make us great. We have the ability to learn, develop and improve ourselves. This is why I am aware that no candidate will ever be able to answer all the questions and that is alright with me. We can teach and develop our current staff and new ones as well. . With this in mind, be aware of another trend among candidates. I noticed many are looking for ways to get out of situations that they are not prepared for. If they don’t know how to answer they will simply start talking about the different topic, just to avoid staying silent. Imagine your date talking for 20 minutes about her job when you asked her if she had any siblings. Of course, you would start doubting even your own interviewing technique.


I can’t help but wonder – Am I the meanest interviewer or there’s something to it? When you think about it, you will never ask your date to marry you or have children on the first date. Therefore, give yourself time to listen and choose the right candidate. Relax and don’t focus on their flaws but on what is important for you and your organisation.

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