Telecom operator Etisalat is to launch a new pre-paid mobile service aimed exclusively at millennials.

The move by the Abu Dhabi-based communications firm follows the recent launch of a similar SIM service by Virgin Mobile, and customers must be aged between 15 and 29 to subscribe.

Called Swyp, the new service offers data packages aimed at younger social media platform users, whose devices are primarily used for engaging with these sites, rather than calling or texting.

One of the data packages is even specifically tailored for users of Instagram and Snapchat.

Swyp – which will still be available for users over the age of 30 provided they originally subscribed while below that age – will also offer customer discounts at a number of outlets, including Pizza Express and Baja Fresh.

Free Swyp wifi hotspots will also be established across the UAE.

Similar to the new Virgin Mobile service, users will download the Swyp app from Google or Apple, before arranging the delivery of a SIM.