Saudi Arabia has a huge need for improving its cyber security infrastructure. This was made especially clear during the destructive Shamoon 2 Malware fiasco that targeted eminent government and private enterprises.

In light of recent events, SANS Institute, which is already a global leader in cyber security training decided to host a training to provide organizations with knowledge to prevent cyber-attacks.

Courses that will last from 6th to 11th of May will prepare atendees for taking GIAC certification exams. Under the name of SANS Riyadh 2017, there will be four courses regarding cyber security essentials. Also, visitors will have the introduction to network forensics and analytics, hacker tools and techniques as well as the penetration testing and ethical hacking.

Cyber security is a hot topic in Saudi Arabia as the country has been the epicenter of multiple large-scale politically and financially motivated attacks. Now for the first time, organizations in the Kingdom will be able to avail of our expertly-led world-class cyber security courses at a SANS Training Event. We have specifically designed the training to tackle real-world scenarios so attendees will be prepared to handle the complex cyber challenges that have plagued the country in recent years, explained Ned Baltagi, Managing Director, Middle East & Africa at SANS.

Considering the increasing sophistication of the threats, organizations will have the opportunity to learn how to analyze and assess cyber risks based on proven Prevent-Detect-Respond strategy. In the course, SANS has included Network Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking, Hacker Tools, Techniques and Incident Handling courses. This will provide adequate knowledge for the attendees to handle all kinds of situations, including the ability to uncover and remedy potential gaps within their organization.

SANS has already begun enrollment for the four courses and attendees can visit  for all necessary information and for registration.

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