The 2018 Gulf CX Awards are fast approaching, and the deadline to enter is just days away.

However, there is still time to get your company involved, and as a judge at the previous awards as well as returning for the 2018 ceremony, I know what it takes to impress the panel.

I have been impressed with most finalists I have judged, and here I offer a few insights into what it takes to make the finals shortlist.

Of course, the following is not a recipe for success – think of it as vital ingredients to make your submission better.

  1. Help judges to visualize your case

Many of the judges will be scoring up to 10 or 15 entries, therefore it can help to really make your entry stand out with media such as short case study videos, or links to websites.

  1. Build a clear case as to why you should win

At the heart of every entry should be a story – a story that effectively communicates to the judges the background, development, execution, and results of the campaign, program, or initiative.

That story should be told well and prove the entry is worthy of recognition.

Answer each section clearly and be relevant. I was surprised last time to see submissions with screenshots but no additional text, or very little explanation. Don’t leave us judges to guess what you did!

  1. Put your content and results in the appropriate context

It’s important your entry has a clear narrative thread that holds it all together and keeps the judges engaged.

As many winning entries are collaborative – with someone responsible for sourcing the key facts and results and someone else editing and rewriting the entry – it’s vital to connect the dots.

Don’t assume that big numbers translate to being a winner. One submission I reviewed had results that showed a certain sizable percentage of improvement.

While this may seem amazing, it really means their starting base was very small. And when presenting results, show actual results rather than indices.

  1. Get an opinion from a colleague or a friend

As Customer Experience practitioners, we often spend too much time talking to each other and assume that others understand us. When entering an awards program, don’t assume the judges have everything they need.  At a minimum, get a colleague, friend, spouse, or anyone you trust to review your entry to spot any gaps you may have missed. You will be glad you did!

  1. Make the Judges say ‘I wish I’d thought of that!’

Make it easy for Judges to understand the journey that your customers undertook. A winning entry will have the judges wishing they had thought of it first. Remember, winning entries become case histories, and get you the credit you deserve.

Whether you win or not, consider how you can use your participation for an award to improve your business. While you may be disappointed when the results are announced, you may learn something you can use to improve for sure. If Customer Experience is a priority, then get going on your entry –  you are on the right track.

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