Even though water birth is still making a debut in UAE, many people believe that it has a very prosperous future. High reduction in birth labour and exclusion of partial aesthetics are just a few of many medical considerations why water birth may be very beneficial to women in labour.

Water birthing is not a new trend, it is actually a common holistic delivery alternate that mothers in the UK and other parts of Europe opt for. Recently, mothers in the US have been able to try water birth as well, and since July 2016, women in Dubai can choose a new way of bringing life to this world.



Al Zahra Hospital is the first hospital in Dubai with a water birth department. According to the hospital, there has been a high turnout for water birth, that aims to reduce cesarean sections and labour pains in general.

According to the studies conducted in this field, water birth reduces labor pain by 60-70 percent. Since water supports 70 percent of body weight, it therefore provides a great natural option for women in labour. 

The team at Al Zahra is led by British Midwife Sally Hunter-Madubuko and it is fully qualified to make the birth experience as comfortable and stress free as possible. Aimee Stevenson is one of the moms who gave water birth in a warm water pool at Al Zahra, and these are her impressions:

“The hospital created a magical environment for my baby’s birth with a large pool, soothing lighting, and even a constellation of stars projected on to the roof to enhance the feeling of serenity and space,” said Aimee.

In the West, water birthing is still a popular trend among many women. Al Zahra Hospital made this trend available to moms in Dubai, but it is very important to note that there are preconditions to having a water birth. The mother should be between ages of 17-35, with a normal full-term pregnancy and no history of gynaecological complications.

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