Dubai Smart Government Department or DSG is the government entity focused on creating and leading the electronic and smart transformations in Dubai Government. Its target customers include individuals, government departments, businesses and visitors who want smart and fast service.

“DSG provides 90% of the public sector in Dubai with more than 60 share electronic services, and promotes the concept of a smart and connected government

However, DSG decided that it was time to transform its smart solution design process from a traditionally technology-focused approach to a more proactive and customer-experience-focused approach.

In the past, developers used to create a product based on new and available technology or on organizational needs that customers expressed. This process wasted a lot of time and money, and it didn’t help customers so much.

Luckily, DSG recognized the problem and launched the Customer Experience Laboratory (CX Lab). This pioneering initiative is focused on systematically involving the public in co-designing smart services through various engagement techniques such as surveys, in-depth interviews, card sorting, usability testing, observation, ethnographic research, online testing, eye-tracking and many other studies in order to gather as much information about customer needs, behaviors and preferences.

Customers were asked to bring their own mobile devices to the CX Lab so they can discuss their actual usage, along with relevant experiences.  

In order to understand their customers better, DSG CX team started taking extensive customer research. The CX Lab converted the initial insights into smart and innovative solutions and as a result, the convenience was chosen as target experience.

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One of the best examples of such solution is mDubai, an app that people can use to pay their bills and fines, renew their car licenses and even check their children’s vaccination schedules in one simple interface.

Finally, Dubai Smart Government Department proved that focusing on electronic solutions doesn’t exclude personal touch with the customers. On the contrary, to DSG, public opinion was crucial for making their services stronger and more reliable. Their customer experience approach saved money for both customers and government by implementing smart solutions such as a partial payment, parking, gas and many other.