Growing automotive industry and tremendous changes in the UAE automotive markets made customer experience very important over the years. Experienced market players know that if they want to stay at the top, they need to keep up with those changes, and that is exactly what Arabian Automobiles Co. did.

Arabian Automobiles Co. is one of the leading group companies privately held by AWRostamani Group. The company is the exclusive distributor of Nissan, Infiniti and Renault in Dubai and the northern emirates. Over the past few years, AWR carefully observed the changes in the automotive industry and customer expectations and finally concluded that customer satisfaction management became customer experience management.

“Though customer satisfaction holds an important element, the overall customer experience during his purchase of a product & service has become more significant.”

By bringing technology (iPads) in automotive sales operations, AWR enhanced interaction with its customers and made their buying experience more pleasant, without the annoying paperwork and time wasting.

One of the most significant features iPads introduced is the ease of access to all the vehicle info, colors, specs and explanation of vehicle features. Besides customer experience, many activities performed by sales people such as sales orders, test drive bookings, bank info processing, signature obtaining were digitalised into the iPads, which then created a more efficient and time effective process.

Besides iPads, there are also new LCD kiosks in the showroom that improve customer experience by allowing them to personally customize and filter the available cars that suit their specific requirements. These kiosks provide an excellent visual and digital experience to the customers so they can get the true essence of the vehicle they are buying.

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While customers were experiencing a more satisfying approach in handling their needs, the company experienced a growth in their overall sales.

Usage of iPads by sale staff in AWR has completely changed the customer experience in buying vehicles. Customers are now welcomed with a more digitalised process that has finally eliminated waiting for information and handling tons of paperwork. Also, customers are able to experience a more personalised approach from the sales staff, and their satisfaction has resulted in an overall sales growth.