From traffic accidents to crime scenes and hostage scenarios that require SWAT teams-  Dubai Police has employed cutting-edge video games technologies that actually allow their trainees to learn and harness their skills through innovating virtual incidents in a safe  and practical environment.

Dubai Police was the first police force in the world to build a virtual training simulator for their Traffic Accidents Investigators or TAI.

It all started as a part of the implementation of the virtual training technology in Dubai, and today, virtual stimulation program is present in other fields, including crime scenes, SWAT and body language to name a few. The digital revolution has definitely changed the way Dubai Police works and train their employees.

However, there was a time when training was not as digitalised as it is today. People were taught in a more passive way that failed to ensure that the concepts of training was truly effective. Dubai Police recognized this problem and they decided to find more suitable ways of teaching that will actually provide a more interactive way of learning for their trainees.

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One of the best things about virtual training is that all innovative video games are available to trainees on their PCs in training halls and on smart devices, which means that they have the opportunity to revise and learn whenever they want to.

Virtual simulator allows trainees make mistakes, which could be costly in the real world.

So far, Dubai Police experienced numerous benefits of this virtual way of training their own people and because all the analysis and developments were made in-house, Dubai Police built a very strong team of experts in the field of virtual environments. Their human resources capital possesses valuable experience in using video games technologies for producing serious games that can effectively solve different needs of different organizations.

Finally, Dubai Police successfully managed to build a capital of intellectual property software assets registered in the Ministry of Economy and they were the first in the region that created an in-house games development center in a police organization that is devoted to developing serious video games.