Saif Sultan Al Abri, Senior Manager Training and Development at Omantel, telecommunications company in Oman, shared his impressions from the IBX Awards, which were held recently in Dubai.  

Experience as a Judge at IBX Awards


Saif believes that employee engagement and loyalty are more vital than ever before to any company, especially at Omantel. Personally, he has always been encouraging employee engagement and was focused on having success with strong and authentic values based on trust, fairness, mutual respect.

Taking part in the IBX Awards was interesting in the sense where I had the opportunity to judge many different projects and immerse myself in the ideas. That is why I didn’t hesitate when I was presented with the opportunity to be a part of IBX Awards as a Judge. It was a very good experience and I really enjoyed the event, Saif explained.

ibx awards

Saif Sultan Al Abri, Senior Manager Training and Development at Omantel

Challenges during the process

The hard work and creativity that the companies had put into their initiatives meant that it wasn’t easy to judge. In addition to that, they were all competitive and well structured. However, the IBX Awards team made it easier by providing me with very clear guidelines on the judging process before the Ceremony.

Another thing Saif mentioned, convenient was the fact that all of the documents were easily accessible via an online platform. Hence, the judging process was simplified.

Rewarding part of experience and why is it important for professionals to take part in similar events  

Being involved in Employee Engagement is an essential commitment for every HR Professional. The first value for this award is a capacity to read and analyze the projects. I got a lot of enjoyment out of seeing the companies present at the Awards as I learned so much. It is very enriching experience and I would recommend all those who have the ability to take part in this type of program to get involved, he added.

According to him, Omantel is committed to further improving services internally while externally ensuring that employees are satisfied and continuously growing in their work environment. Omantel also won the HR Excellence Award for Employee Engagement in the Middle East and North Africa. The company was honored for engaging employees by fostering a corporate culture, employee engagement surveys, onboarding, flexibility, transparency, recognition and team building.

Over the past years, Omantel has adopted a new strategy towards the augmentation of employee engagement which focuses on enhancing communication and improved interaction among its staff. It also provides an environment that encourages teamwork to achieve the shared goals and objectives.