The inaugural International Customer Experience Awards is taking place this November 20 in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

The gala event will reward the world’s most customer-centric businesses and organisations, that will be judged by an expert panel of key global CX industry figures.

Among these judges are the 2018 International Customer Experience Awards Ambassadors, each representing his or her country at what will be the planet’s biggest ever celebration of CX. In a new series, CXM World is publishing exclusive interviews with – and opinion articles from – the Ambassadors, as the event approaches.

For more information on entering the awards, click here.

Ambassador: Christina Dolding

Country: United Kingdom

Occupation: Head of Customer Experience and Innovation at UK investment and pensions provider Old Mutual Wealth

Hi Christina, tell us a little about your professional background, and what drew you towards the concept of Customer Experience

My background has always been in financial services and in some shape or form trying to delight customers and clients. I now specialise solely in Customer Experience and have a particular strength in the CX Innovation space.

Customer Experience has always been part of what I do, both at work and in my personal life, so it is wonderful to be able to have a career in an area in which I have a real passion.

You’re a judge and Ambassador at the ICXAs – what themes do you hope to see in this year’s presentations?

I am looking for themes where customer insight has been used in a brilliant way to solve a particular issue…and in particular to hear the customer voice shine through in the presentations. How has it made they feel, what difference has it made?

What aspects of Customer Experience are popular among businesses/organisations in the UK?

There is a lot of talk around Artificial Intelligence right now, as there is in many regions, and it will be interesting to see how this particular concept continues to change the Customer Experience landscape and how it will ultimately benefit customers.

Digital Experience remains a strong theme in the UK and will continue to be at the centre of many CX strategies.

What areas of CX could be improved in your home country?

Unfortunately, although the concept of Customer Experience is becoming embedded in our culture, there is still the problem of organisations failing to get the very basics right and actually focusing properly on the experience you are delivering to people. I hope to see big improvements in the coming years.

What does the future hold in terms of CX? Can you offer any predictions, based on your experience, for the coming years?

I hope the future holds great things for Customer Experience, particularly around being CX being recognised as profession.

In terms of predictions, I love the clever use of personalisation. It can make all the difference, particularly in the digital space where it is can often be hard to really connect with customers. Some of the high-end retail sites are wonderful at this; it doesn’t need to cost a lot of money and it delivers a great overall experience.


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