The inaugural International Customer Experience Awards are approaching, and among the judging panellists are the 2018 Awards Ambassadors, representing countries across the globe, from Australia to Finland.

So who better to gauge the current State of Customer Experience in the world right now? CXM World surveyed the Ambassadors, in order to glean insight into how Customer Experience is faring in their respective countries.

CX as a concept is still fairly new in a lot of regions, whereas other territories are more seasoned in customer centricity. When asked to rate the maturity level of Customer Experience in their countries on a scale of one to ten, an interesting tie occurred with 30.77 percent rating their home turf at four, and the same percentage for five.

Twenty-three percent gave their country a score of six on CX maturity levels, and 15.38 percent believed their region deserved a rating of seven.

Questioned on what they believed was the biggest opportunity for growth in the CX industry in their respective countries, the most common answer focussed on the understanding of Customer Experience itself, which has the potential to drive further interest for other businesses.

Creating a customer-centric culture – or answers similar in nature – was the second most popular response from Ambassadors, while driving CX transformation as a priority, and answers closely linked, was third.

When it came to areas in their countries where they felt Customer Experience growth was being hindered, the most common problem identified was the lack of awareness of the value CX brings to modern businesses.

The second most common challenge involved design thinking capabilities and the ability to define future experiences, while cross-functional CX design and strategy was the third most challenging aspect of CX growth identified.

Ambassadors were asked to pinpoint the ‘next big thing’ in CX, both locally and globally, and among the answers were an increased focus on Employee Experience, increased CX education initiatives, and more holistic training. For a full list of answers, see the info graph available to download at the official awards website.

Finally, Ambassadors identified both ‘shining’ and ‘rising’ stars from their countries – organisations that are well ahead in their CX offerings, and those that are showing increasing promise.

Speaking of the findings, Awards Ambassador and international CX consultant Ian Golding said:

“Customer Experience is a truly global phenomenon – it is also a truly global challenge. Whilst knowledge and rhetoric is growing and maturity is developing, this hugely important insight from Customer Experience specialists all over the world demonstrates how much work there is still to do.”

The full list is available via the infograph download, along with case studies for prospective entrants. Click here to access downloads.