Sumayyah Sayed, a 29-year-old Australian mother of two has recently started ‘Sharing Fridge’ initiative to make food available to the needy. The campaign that is now spreading actually started with 20 sharing fridges set up across the city of Dubai. Since then, more than 8,000 people have registered with the group through Facebook to participate in the campaign helps blue-collar workers.

Unlike other initiatives that require volunteers to go to labour camps or collection drives to help, ‘Sharing Fridge’ is a bit different. This initiative is all about  informing  the ones who need help the most where they can find food for free. Needless to say, the word about ‘Sharing Fridge’ is spreading very fast.

Teamwork at its best

Some residents donated the fridge, others are sharing the space and the rest are helping to keep them stocked. On a single day, each fridge is filled with 400 to 500 pieces of fruit, 100 laban bottles and more than 100 bottles of juice. People mostly leave meals, biscuits and dried fruits. However, the group behind ‘Sharing Fridge’ initiative does not encourage donation of leftovers as residents are asked to share food which they would eat themselves.

Besides on Facebook, those who are in need can inform themselves about the Ramadan fridges on this map.

Share the news and help those who are in need of help.



This is not the first initiative that involves making food available to people who need help. In India, a restaurant owner placed a fridge outside the restaurant in Kochi. You can read full story here.




As most Dubai communities have adopted the campaign, they have obviously motivated residents in neighbouring emirates to do the same. According to Sayed, the initiative expanding to Abu Dhabi is a bit more challenging as most people live in apartments, but it is expected that at least two to three fridges are set up in Abu Dhabi by the end of the week. The initiative is also expanding to Sharjah, where one resident recently set up a Ramadan fridge at a nursery in Al Khan, Gulf News reports.


Houda Ammar, also Sharjah resident, said she is working with a friend to keep their fridge stocked, especially for iftar: “We placed the fridge at a nursery in an area by Al Khan where there are many workers. We include water, laban, juice, fruits and vegetables and on some days chicken biryani,” Houda says.


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