Mark Hamill, Awards International Managing Director, shared his thoughts about the benefits businesses have from entering the Awards.

When trying to recruit companies to participate in the Awards, I often get asked what the benefits are of participating. There are many, however not all apply to each and every company as each organisation is unique.

One thing is for certain, everyone wants to win. That may seem like an obvious statement, however, it is not the only reason companies enter Awards.

Awards have roles to play in organisations that go beyond the trophy on the shelf or the badge in your signature, which I have tried to summarise below:


Transparent Awards Programmes can be a fantastic means for learning about what other companies are doing in the market and in your industry.

Getting ‘take-aways’ from many different real life business case studies being presented by business leaders is something you cannot necessarily find online, at a conference or hear from a consultant.

This is what worked and what didn’t work for many types of companies and from even more perspectives, which could be invaluable information for your organisation too.


This is particularly pertinent for companies in the growth phase of their company life cycle. You think you know you are doing the right thing, but there is an element of doubt. You wonder, is there a way of proving we are moving in the right direction? Is what we are doing sustainable?

Awards can do that as it will compare you against companies across industries, from big corporates to SMEs.

You may win or you may not, but one thing is for sure that you will either be vindicated in your approach or figure out a different path that could be more lucrative.


Awarding and Rewarding are not the same thing.

The process of writing the entry and presenting is part of a journey that can motivate teams who have carried out fantastic initiatives over the past year or so.

The Awards Finals and Ceremony is a great way of rewarding those involved for their hard work and achievements.

From our experience, companies who bring their teams along to the Awards are likely to benefit long term from in terms of team motivation and engagement.

There are many other roles Awards play in organisations, however, these are the three that I think are the most important.

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