Most of us know what TED is, and if you don’t, let me borrow what Wikipedia says about it.

TED is an acronym, and stands for ‘Technology, Entertainment, and Design’, and is a media organisation that posts talks online for free distribution, under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”.

TED talks are very popular and regularly hosted in many countries, with the aim of sharing knowledge and success stories.

However, in this article, the same three letters compose a new acronym, which I believe can help people perform better when it comes to pursuing personal objectives.

T is for Think

When setting goals, you actually do it twice. The first time is when you visualise it in your mind and experience the feelings you will encounter when you actually achieve that goal.

For example, if one of your goals is to have your own business, you need to visualise how this business will look; what industry you will work in; the design of your office; the people working with you; the income you generate; the lifestyle you live; and much more. 

You need to imagine, visualise, and feel everything you think of every day until you achieve it. Then your goal will become reality.

To visualise your goal, you need to think about it when you wake up, throughout the day, and before you sleep. You need to be totally energised and enthusiastic to achieve your goal. The more you think about it, the closer you are to achieving it. 

It goes without saying that failing to plan is planning to fail.

E is for Execute

It has been said that knowledge is power. That was right three or four decades ago when information was hard to obtain and the only source was the likes of books and other printed materials. Nowadays, there’s an abundance of information sources and I would say we are actually over-exposed to many sources of knowledge. Hence, knowledge is not power anymore, but the application of this knowledge is the real power. You can get any piece of information in seconds, but will you apply it?

We all know that fast food is unhealthy, yet many still eat it. We all know that smoking is health-destroying and we still have smokers everywhere who even advise others not to smoke! Therefore, it’s needless to mention that achieving our goals needs a very high level of commitment and discipline to keep working hard, day-in, day-out, while accepting no excuses to surrender, no matter what.

D is for Develop

No-one is perfect, and neither are their actions. There is always room for improvement, even if the improvement can seem trivial at the time.

The tallest tower consists of small blocks and the one-mile journey starts with a single step. 

What works before will not work forever. Monitor what’s happening out there: it helps you get best practices to embrace and implement better strategies.

This circle is endless, as once you develop new approaches to pursuing your goals, you must find areas for improvement to develop more new actions. I believe your success in life depends on how disciplined you are in following this TED strategy. Are you ready to TED?

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