Apple stores worldwide are well-known for providing great customer experience. Almost every gadget lover has been guilty of losing track of time inside an Apple store at least once. Now, the tech giant went even further with the latest Dubai store that changes shape and temperature in accordance with the UAE’s rather changeable weather.

The new store is conveniently located at the Dubai Mall and it is equipped with special motorized windows that help with the temperature regulation, making the store cooler. Not only it looks great, but it also significantly cuts the air conditioning costs. These fan panels are opening and closing during the day while the sun is at its peak, and during the evening the shutters are open and enabling shoppers to walk on the public terrace.

Apple proudly presented the world with “Solar Wings” underlining the fact that these 340 carbon fiber-reinforced polymer rods are among world’s largest kinetic art installations. The designers from Apple had in mind Dubai’s hot climate when making the second store there. Considering that even during the coldest months Dubai still has the average of around 20 degrees Celsius, such design goes well with the hot and unpredictable weather.

Apart from the sustainable character of the store, it also has a hot location that offers the possibility to host live music events, filmmakers and photographers as well as to organize workshops where visitors can teach new skills in photography, video or music. All of this is a part of a new campaign under the name “Today at Apple” that is launching in almost five hundred Apple stores worldwide.

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