Global data analytics firm Nielsen has been named best employer at the 2018 International Business Excellence Awards in Dubai.

The company, which has selected Dubai to house the headquarters for its Emerging Markets group, gave a sterling presentation to judges during the first day of the event, which was recently hosted by Awards International at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Judges were told of Nielsen’s Emerging Markets ‘Talent Movement’ initiative, which aims to get “the right person, into the right role, at the right time”.

A spokeswoman explained:

“We have created a cultural movement across the organization to remove the traditional barriers that prevent talent movement from happening efficiently and effectively. We have observed a 38 percent increase in internal cross country moves and 40 percent increase in moves within a market as a result of this initiative.”

After collecting the award trophy, a company spokeswoman described the win as “amazing”. She told Customer Experience Magazine:

“What’s great about these awards is that when you work on these initiatives every day, you can sometimes forget the impact your work can have.
Events such as this remind you of that, and they are incredibly motivating. We just wish now that we had entered more categories.”

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