Armani Hotel in Dubai was opened in Burj Khalifa in 2010, comprising the bottom 39 floors of the tallest structure in the world as a part of a chain of luxury hotels and resorts constructed by Giorgio Armani and Emaar Properties. The hotels in Milan, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, Shanghai and of course, Dubai, are designed by Armani.

Italian fashion magnate has been a synonym for luxury and style for decades now. Naturally, Armani hotels follow this tradition. In 2015, World Travel Awards awarded Armani Hotel in Dubai ‘Leading Hotel of the UAE, 2015,’ a prestigious testament to the exceptional lifestyle experience offered by this hotel.

Needless to say, Armani hotel does everything to set and keep the bar high when it comes to customer experience, but there is one thing they do differently. Spencer H. Wadama, General Manager at the Armani Hotel explained how the hotel is setting new standards in providing unparalleled customer experience.

‘Lifestyle Ambassador’ concept is the inseparable part of the overall customer experience in Armani Hotel. Through this concept, every guest is assigned a dedicated staff member that caters to their needs. Lifestyle Ambassador (or Lifestyle Manager) is someone who personalises the stay of the guests. He highlights the hotel’s iconic location, scenic views, ultra-fine dining options and designer luxury hospitality. In short, he makes sure that the guests feel good for choosing this hotel over others.

Picking Armani hotel is not a random accommodation choice, instead, it is a journey. This journey begins from the moment you walk into the hotel and surround yourself with the world of class and luxury. Once you are assigned a ‘Lifestyle Manager,’ your needs and wants are being taken care of, from the moment you reserve your stay until you check-out, and even after that.

Personalised experience and the overall feeling of privilege of being the personal guests of Giorgio Armani are definitely Armani Hotel’s core customer experience advantages.

However, even though Armani Hotel Dubai has already set the benchmark in designer luxury hospitality, it still has to compete with other 5 star hotels in the already luxury-packed area. The hotel’s unbeatable location in Burj Khalifa, in the very heart of Downtown Dubai is definitely adding to its appeal, but according to Wadama, the ‘Stay with Armani’ philosophy makes guests feel at home, and that is hard to beat.

The ‘Stay with Armani’ philosophy is about making the guests feel good in a ‘home away from home’ experience. That being said, Lifestyle Manager is there to manage the ultimate personalised service. They address guests by name and welcome them with a smile, ensure proper body language, stay informed, make eye contact and greet genuinely. Lifestyle Managers listen, empathise, apologise and resolve any challenges.

But how does a hotel like Armani meet customer expectations so flawlessly, year after year? “After observing the hospitality landscape both regionally and globally, we have come to learn that guests, whether local or international, have certain expectations that they seek when searching for their ideal hotel,” Wadama added. “This can vary from the look-and-feel of a room to value-added facilities and leisure amenities, to the standard of service and dining that a hotel offers. At Armani Hotel Dubai, we have taken those factors into consideration, and built on it by infusing the essence of Arabian hospitality and gastronomy, to ensure that we cater to every need,” he concluded.

Finally, it seems that going beyond the call of duty to assist their guests and deliver personalised service is the recipe for success at Armani Hotel. Lifestyle Managers are there to make sure that the guests feel like they are at home, with the culinary choices, the best leisure attractions and in-hotel entertainment. But the hotel staff also assists their guests in facilitating travel plans after they lost their passports. They support them in making travel arrangements. Besides all the luxury and style, going that extra mile for their guests is what makes the customer experience at Armani Hotel Dubai unprecedented.

Spencer H. Wadama is an international hospitality veteran with over 24 years of experience including nearly a decade in senior management roles. He is the General Manager of Armani Hotel Dubai, the flagship property that marks the partnership of global developer Emaar Properties and fashion legend Giorgio Armani.