LinkedIn is a serious business hub. That means that there are certain “rules” you should follow. There are also certain mistakes you should avoid at any cost.

These mistakes include profile pics. There are many people who still don’t understand the concept of a professional Linkedin photo.

Having a professional profile photo is vital for increasing your response and referral rates. This is your chance to show how likeable, friendly and trustworthy you are. In order to do this, stay away from posting photos that will make you look unprofessional and ignorant.


Types of Linkedin photos you should avoid


  1. Bathroom selfie

The first rule of Linkedin: Linkedin is not Facebook. Even if you believe that you have the best light in your bathroom, leave these types of selfies for other social media. Selfies are too casual for Linkedin.

  1.  Overly concerned and serious photo

It’s okay not to use photos that are too casual but don’t overdo it with the incredibly intense photos either. You don’t want people to think that you are someone who hates everyone and everything. Instead, try to make a balance. Post a happy headshot that reveals your smile.

  1. Blurry photo

If you can’t see the face clearly, don’t use the photo. And by clearly, we mean 100% clear. Apply tools such as Photoshop’s “Sharpening” tool. If this doesn’t help, use a different headshot.

 4.  Photo with too much filter


It’s all about the focus. Focus on the reason why you are on Linkedin and focus on the photo you are using to achieve your goals. There is no rule that says so, but you should really avoid using any kind of filter that changes your profile pic dramatically.

  1. Squatting, running, lying down photo

Your Linkedin profile photo should look like you took some time and prepared for it. Squatting, jogging, lunging in baggy clothes is simply unacceptable for a professional Linkedin profile pic.

  1. Profile pic with pets

Pets are cute. Nobody ever tried to deny it, nor will anyone ever succeed. However, keep your pets out of Linkedin. Unless you are a vet, you really shouldn’t pose with pets for Linkedin.

  1. Oddly cropped photo

Everyone has that one photo where you look good, but there are just a few things in the background that need to be cropped. You don’t need a degree in operating with the Crop tool, but you still need to pay attention to the details. That means no odd crops of the bottom of your chin or the top of your head.

  1. Any type of naked photo whatsoever

There is literally no reason for showing ‘extra-skin’ on Linkedin. Deep cleavages, short shorts and other things that reveal too much should be avoided. Not only does this appear unprofessional, it will also attract wrong people to your profile. A carefully chosen pic of your face in front of a white background can bring you a lot more benefit on this business platform.



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