Nine record breaking attempts to be made at the annual shopping gala

Dubai: Shoppers at the Ramadan Night Market that begins on June 1, will have a chance to be part of some new world records.

Attempts will be made to set nine world records in different categories with Guinness officials available on-site to register the performances.

Designed to appeal to people of all ages from youngsters to adults, these record-breaking events will be the highlight of this year’s night market which will be held from June 1 to 10 from 8 pm to 2 am at Dubai World Trade Centre, Hall 7 and 8.

The entry fee for the night market is Dh5 for adults, while children under five enter for free.

A big hit in its previous edition for its diverse shopping and recreational experience, this year the market will have nine contests are divided into three broad categories including Talented Thursday, Foodie Friday and Sing it Saturday.

People will be able to participate both as individuals and teams in all three categories that will involve creating most painted handprints in one minute, most paper aircraft made and caught in a minute and most pencils to stand on end in one minute.

The Foodie Friday will see people try an expert hand at assembling the maximum number of hot dogs, or build an Arabic coffee cup pyramid while keeping an eye on the clock.

While for a more ‘breathless’ moment and to test your vocal cords, one can be part of the Sing it Saturday contests. It will see people competing for the longest continuous vocal note as well as most body taps in one minute and identifying the maximum number of musical instrument images in one minute challenge.

Source: Gulf News

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