The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has praised the “teamwork” which helped them win two categories at the recent Gulf Digital Experience Awards (GDXAs).

Held in Dubai alongside the Gulf Customer Experience Awards in January, the GDXAs saw SASO present to judges in a bid to win the Best Government Use of Digital, and Best Use of Mobile.

The organisation works to ensure goods and services in Saudi Arabia are of a high standard, to “protect the consumer and strengthen the competitiveness of the national economy”. Their presentations focused on their ‘Ta’akad’ (Arabic for ‘Verify’) app, allowing consumers to check the validity of the Quality Mark on electrical goods, tyres and fuel-efficient vehicles.

This is done by scanning the mark on a smartphone with the app installed.

The app provides a quick way for Saudi customers to report commercial fraud cases. This puts consumers at the “front line” of the inspection process for goods, SASO told impressed judges.

The pioneering app prompted judges to award SASO both category titles, with the team “delighted” at the result. Speaking to CXM World following the gala ceremony, which was hosted by Awards International UAE at Dubai’s Jumeirah Hotel, a SASO spokesman said:

“This success is the result of the diligent work of a group of creative Saudi youth, and continuous coordination and integration with partners in the Saudi Energy Efficiency Program.
The teamwork methodology, shared by government agencies under the Saudi Energy Efficiency Program, has been one of the success factors for establishing partnership principles in the technical and supervisory work of the government system to ensure control and compliance with the specific standards of the initiatives, launched by the program, to rationalise energy consumption in the Kingdom.
It is worth mentioning that SASO has developed the application in cooperation with its strategic partner, the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center, and the application has had continuous updates to respond to consumer feedback and expand user services.”