The Saudi Telecom Company (STC) recently signed an agreement with the governorate of Qassim for the smart technical transformation of the region.
Qassim Gov. Prince Faisal bin Mishaal praised STC, saying its services surpass global standards.
“We value and thank STC for the services offered and those that will be offered in Qassim and across the Kingdom. It is truly our strategic partner on which we depend to implement different initiatives in the area of IT security,” he said after the signing of the technological agreement with the company.
“STC will participate in the smart technical transformation, which we seek to provide convenient services to nationals and residents and to create an integrated smart and paperless environment. We in the region of Qassim and the STC are the pioneers in this trend, which is in line with the goals of Vision 2030,” Prince Faisal added.
“We are in an era of technological challenges and we have no choice but to deal with it as a means of progress,” he continued. “The partnership between the IT department in the region and the STC, highlights the importance of joint work to accomplish the desired results.”
Nasser Al-Nasser, technology and operations SVP at STC, thanked the prince for his appreciation of STC services.
“This serves as a strong motivation for us to continue and improve the work in the region and across the Kingdom in order to accomplish our government’s goals in improving technology services,” he said.
Al-Nasser said SR80 million ($21.3 million) has been allocated to improve telecom infrastructure in Qassim.
He said the partnership aims to transform Qassim into a smart region with telecom services, network connections, IT, crises management, IP telephony, smart zone projects and DDos.
“STC’s cooperation with the Qassim governorate is the best model of partnership between public and private sectors,” he added.
The agreement was signed between Abdurrahman Al-Wazzan representing the governorate of Qassim and Al-Nasser form STC, and attended by a number of public sector officials, including Mohammad Al-Nasser, Qassim district director.

Source: Arab News 


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