Happy workers are more productive workers, a fact any successful business should already know.

Keeping workers happy can depend on a number of things, and having a functioning coffee machine that dispenses a fresh brew might provide some small short-term satisfaction, but maintaining staff smiles is going to require firms to seriously consider the mental well-being of employees.

A key word in maintaining positive employee mental health is ‘support’, and offering a supportive environment for staff to work in is the interests of everyone in the firm, from the top down.

Here are six tried and tested ways a company can ensure that positive mental health brings positive results for the entire workforce.

1 – Avoid being overdemanding

Most job roles are demanding to an extent, with some much more so than others. However, whatever the role, if an employee feels excessive pressure in relation to their workload, work patterns, or changes in the working environment, you can guarantee this stress will translate into poorer performance.

2 – Offer a degree of control

We all know our place, and the boss is the boss. But allowing an employee to have a say in the direction of their role—and how that role is carried out—can be a fantastic way to relieve pressure, boost self-worth, and enhance pride in their output.

3 – Establish a support network

There’s that word again…support! It must come from the organisation as a whole, from line managers, and from colleagues. Without it staff feel undervalued and demoralised, and their work will noticeably suffer. Ensure that when an employee needs help, they know who to turn to.

4 – Keep relationships healthy

Workplace conflict in some form is inevitable, but how it is handled can be the difference between re-establishing harmony and pouring more fuel onto the fire. Deal with unacceptable behaviour when it arises, and offer clear support to both parties if a rift occurs. Those who feel marginalised will soon begin looking elsewhere to work.

5 – Ensure roles are understood

Staff like to know exactly what they need to do and when to do it. Eradicating uncertainty will help your team work more cohesively, and when there are no conflicting roles creating drama, happy productivity follows.

6 – Minimise the impact of change

The change will occur, and it should be a good thing for your firm, but be careful this dream of new beginnings does not translate to a nightmare for staff who feel overwhelmed. Manage change sensitively, and above all – communicate!

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