Here are the latest tech news stories from the UAE and around the world.

1. 16 Top UAE banks agree to reduce cash and coin usage by implementing a new app

The app called Klip allows all residents in the UAE to use the cashless spending, transfer, and storage of money.

   2. Remember the big Yahoo security breach? It turns out three billion users were affected

Three years ago we thought only one billion users were compromised, but the company released a disclosure notice based on reports that all registered Yahoo user accounts at the time were breached.

   3. Top five fake news alerts in UAE you need to be careful about 

Pointers on how to protect yourself in a world of media uncertainty.

   4. Walmart leaks Google Pixel 2 XL photos by accident 

The new phone has speakers on its front and a USB-C port on the bottom.

  5. Google Pixel 2 event: start time, live stream, and live blog


  6. Microsoft’s demo on Mixed Reality 

Microsoft is hoping to produce a headset that combines virtual and augmented reality.

  7. Google voice Assistant finally gets a male voice option 

Now you have an option to choose Voice I or Voice II for your smart assistant.

  8. Airbnb added restaurant booking option

A partnership with restaurant booking app Resy is making things easier for hungry travellers.

   9. Ikea is speeding up their pace with technology using AR 

They have been slow to adopt technological innovations so far but now they are improving their e-commerce and online sales.

  10. Microsoft is discontinuing Groove Music Pass and is partnering up with Spotify 

Groove Music Pass users will have an option to import their custom playlists to Spotify.

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