Last week the Red Hat, one of the leading providers of the open source solutions launched long-expected Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 update. The RHEL 6.9 will bring additional stability and security improvements for the open-source users. However, it is not the most important news. Actually what is newsworthy is the fact that the latest version supports the next generation of cloud-native applications through an updated Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 base image.

This clearly illustrates the company’s vision of the future which will from now on enable developers to start moving RHEL workloads into container-based applications. As such these can later be used on RHEL 7, RHEL Atomic Host and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

But there are more improvements in the latest version of RHEL. Apart from supporting Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 consequently it gives a total support for TLS 1.2 on the shipped security libraries. TLS 1.2 is in line with modern security standards. On the other hand, this will effect on the diminished use of previously deployed and insecure cryptographic protocols and algorithms like MD5, RC4, and 512-bit DH. And for this alone this update is worth having.

‘For more than six years, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 has provided enterprise IT with a more secure, stable and reliable platform for mission-critical workloads, from financial systems to national security applications. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 shows our continued commitment to providing a solid backbone for production deployments, adding security and stability enhancements and an updated container base image to address a variety of vital business IT needs,’ said Jim Totton, vice president and general manager, Platforms Business Unit at Red Hat.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 is now available to all customers with an active Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription via the Red Hat Customer Portal.

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