On a daily basis, in our work we are serving and supporting customers. “Surprisingly enough, we mostly miss the reality that we are the customers being served, yet only exchanging seats”!

For Customers being served, Consistency is a key defining notion of customer experience (CX) upon which customers’ ratings are based and rankings are declared. Service providers are to deliver customer experience consistently as per the customer view point & definition of experience (The Outside In CX).

It is really perplexing and uneasy for service providers to manage a series of surgical operations transforming their mode of operations from revenue and competition focused towards customer centricity. Here then and in order to decide on the transformation methodology, a fundamental question pops-up regarding the nature of Customer Experience; whether it is a practice or an art or only a buzz word or may be a trend?!

In an effort to answer the question, we shall anatomize the CX building blocks starting from; modelling capturing the Voice of the Customer, Customer Journey mapping, all the way through until institutionalizing the continuous improvement loop progressively. Those key foundational tools and methodologies are effectively labelling Customer Experience as a science.

Customer Experience focuses on analyzing the service provider performance based on the customer evaluation and based on functional measures. It is as well using quantitative and qualitative means to define & design the needed improvements. Herein PMO joins hands with Customer Experience using its powerful tools leading various function towards execution and delivery.

Accordingly, we can conclude that Customer Experience is a science, yet we got to continue scouting further on its nature. Whilst doing the first level of anatomy on the CX, we have realized a key term named Customer Experience Design! The term as much as it works scientifically, yet it can only function rightly via creative designs using innovation techniques & tools. The Customer Experience science will copy & borrow certain marketing artistic design techniques & parameters that would add the tag of an ART to the CX.

And Art shall continue to be an integral defining characteristic of CX. As in the age of the customer, it is not expected nor accepted from organizations to only fix CX issues. Achieving fixations via disruptive practices is turning to be the norm, that is where the CX design role (that is responsible for the designing improvement concepts) will use creativity innovation and brainstorming concepts. It will also integrate the customer journey view point (As-Is vs. To-Be)into the design practice to achieve Customer Experience Excellence (CXX).

A simple example to that is when you fix the bill delivery issue via launching an analytical mobile app that not only shows/delivers the bill, but also provides analytics and proposes usage optimization advices  to the end user.


As such, putting the puzzle pieces together, we conclude that “CX is a Science and an art that radically relies on a magical make or break factor, which is “CX PASSION“. This is really crucial, since CX deals with emotions at the first place, passion in all aspects of customer experience functions as the concrete that solidifies the bricks of the wall together. Passion is primarily derived from knowing that at the end “we are the customer” thus, we are making/optimizing and managing the experience for ourselves (our families & friends as well)!!

CX transformation is a tough change to happen and to sustain, and without passion that fuels persistence, it is almost impossible to spread the transformation culture nor to lead change. Passion in all aspects; in analysis, in probing, in designing, in communicating, in collaborating and whilst delivering!

In conclusion, CX is effectively an Art and a Science that is about Passion!

About The Author

Hany Mokhtar
Commercial & Customer Experience World Class Expert

Hany Mokhtar is one of the world class speakers and thought leadership in the fields of Customer Experience, Marketing & Digital Transformation. Hany carries strong commercial & business experience spanning more than 20+ years in fields of Banking, Telecom, Gov. & ICT whereas he has worked with Multiple operators, Service providers, and renowned consultancy houses across the customer value chain. Hany as well combines the uniqueness of “Strategic awareness” and an “on the ground expertise” obtained from successful execution with remarkable results in areas of; Customer Experience transformation, Strategy & Marketing planning and Market management, Propositions & Products development, Processes re-engineering, and Customer support Modules design.

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