Home furniture, electronics and supermarkets are best performing sectors

The UAE has registered a two-point customer satisfaction index (CSI) growth during the first half of the year, according to a new report.

The country scored a total of 77.7 satisfaction rate in findings by Service Hero. Most of the 14 sectors covered by the CSI have witnessed a steady growth.

Using a 10-point ratings scale, the index measures eight key service attributes on a before and after basis. Scores are then converted using an algorithm to a 100-point system to make reporting the scores easier to understand.

The key focus points are: staff attitude; speed, location; value; reliability; product quality; call centre; website; comparison to an ideal; and likelihood to recommend.

The data shows a strong improvement in various sectors; home furniture topped the list with an 83.7 satisfaction score while mobile operators stayed at the bottom with a poor 64.6, followed by retails banks with 71.2.

Other industries that performed well were electronics, supermarkets, and casual dining.

“The UAE market offers each consumer an array of choices, and as customers express their demands and needs this will ultimately help build long-standing relationships of value that transcend people’s lives to a better place,” Faten Abu Ghazaleh, president and founder of Service Hero, said.

The report also revealed sectors like Islamic banking, home furniture, and supermarkets witnessed a notable increase in customer satisfaction, with 5.5 points, 4.5 points, and 3.8 points respectively, whereas mobile operators saw decreased by 0.9 points.

While customer satisfaction has increased in general, both value for money and call centre are still at the bottom of the service index.

Meanwhile, physical location (attractiveness, convenience, parking access and timings), reliability, and staff were rated the highest.

When comparing the results with the 2016 index results, all service attributes witnessed an improvement.

The index shows that customer expectations and satisfaction towards the services received is dependent on how sophisticated they are. In terms of demographics, Arab expats continue to be the least satisfied while Emiratis are most satisfied, noting that satisfaction has mostly increased among those aged 50 and above.

Source: Gulf News

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