A new survey has revealed the majority of workplaces in the UAE are at risk of having employees ‘burnout’ due to stress.

Research by recruitment consultants Robert Half shows that two-thirds of firms face burnout issues among employees, leading to a risk of higher absenteeism levels.

Medium-sized businesses are most likely to have to increased staff stress levels (74 percent). Small enterprises have the lowest stress at 57 percent, but overall the issue affects 64 percent of all UAE businesses.

Gareth El Mettouri, Associate Director at Robert Half UAE, said:

“Candidates are interested in purposeful careers and are looking for opportunities where they can achieve both a good work-life balance and career development.

Businesses can successfully attract top performing talent in today’s market – irrespective of the skills shortage – if they adapt their approach.”

However, firms are looking to solve stress-related problems with 56 percent promoting team-based environments and 42 percent encouraging time off for staff.

An increase in staff hiring to alleviate pressure is also being carried out by 42 percent of UAE companies.

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