Egypt is a massive market for ecommerce in the MENA region. However, in order to take advantage of the emerging Egyptian consumer base, your business needs to understand the Egyptian shopper. Thanks to Yaoota and, a very helpful infographic has been created  that highlights the latest consumer behaviour and demographics for this important and emerging market.

What is Yaoota?

Yaoota is a website built for saving money that solves the problem of knowing an item’s price. Shoppers catch up-to-date prices, deals and product information from serious, trustworthy online stores that sell only original and high quality products. The choice of the humorous name Yaoota!, which mirrors the startup’s culture, relies on an all­-too familiar street vendor shout­out that mocks the volatility of tomato and vegetable prices, and the site’s minimalist design creates a seamless shopping experience for shoppers.

The website was launched in mid-2014 using personal savings. Sherif is a computer scientist, Mohamed is an engineer, and both are ex-consultants. It was boostrapped through the development of the technology, and has not been through accelerator/incubator programs. The company is currently at the Greek Campus in downtown Cairo, an awesome place to work with an excellent entrepreneurship community. We were fortunate to close our series A round last summer (largest in Egypt to date), which was milestone for expanding our nascent business.

Yaoota’s product is simple: A powerful search engine that allows shoppers to hunt down a product. Shoppers can narrow their scope by category or price. And if there are several offers for the same product, we found a way to let you compare these offers in one place.

We display products to Egyptian shoppers based on availability and best price. We also provide reliable, impartial and trustworthy shopping information to make their lives easier and of course help save money. No matter if you are looking for the newest gadget release, best online bargain or making a buy at an offline store, a quick search on Yaoota will always empower your shopping decision. We are the information point for shoppers.

What item is the hardest to find? Sadly, Hepatitis C medication.

What is the best selling mobile in 2015? Although you’d be tempted to bet on Apple or Samsung, our data indicates that Sony’s Xperia Z2 had an excellent 2015 in Egypt.




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