As the deadline approaches for entry to the 2018 Gulf Customer Experience Awards, CXM World spoke with Virgin Mobile UAE about their success at the 2017 event, just months after their launch in the Emirates.

The brand won in the Technology and Telecoms category of the awards, while in the Gulf Digital Experience Awards, held simultaneously, Virgin Mobile were named Best App, and subsequently claimed the highly coveted Overall Digital Experience 2017 title.

A year on from their launch, Karim Benkirane, Virgin Mobile UAE’s Managing Director discussed the company’s huge accomplishments to date, and why Customer Experience is the key to that success…


Virgin Mobile UAE won three major titles at the 2017 Gulf Customer and Digital Experience Awards. How has winning these awards been of benefit to the brand? 

Since the launch of the Virgin Mobile brand by Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC) in September 2017, we have continued to push the boundaries of what is expected in the telco industry in the Middle East. We constantly look at ways we can make mobile better by using digital innovation and staying true to our brand’s DNA. Bringing Customer Experience and service to the forefront of everything we do is the utmost important for our brand.

Being recognised by the Gulf Customer and Digital Experience Awards was a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team who are committed to delivering a world-class experience. It has helped to differentiate us from our competitors and is a recognition that we have delivered on our brand promise to ‘make mobile better’.

How important is Customer Experience for businesses today?

Customer Experience is now the key differentiator for brands – and it’s at the heart of Virgin Mobile’s business strategy. We live in a switched-on society and customers are able to pick and choose which brands they interact with – the days of absolute brand loyalty have gone.

The consumer digital ethos is changing. Today it’s about me, my choices – that’s why brands like Uber and Airbnb are scoring. Brands must now put the customer at the centre of everything they do and deliver outstanding user experience in order to stay relevant and generate loyalty among their customers.

With this in mind, Virgin Mobile is all about giving our customers an all-around amazing mobile experience. We believe people deserve flexibility, choice and a fair deal, with services and products that meet all their expectations.

How is Virgin Mobile UAE adapting to evolving customer trends?

To deliver outstanding Customer Experience, brands first and foremost must be about putting the customer first and creating continuous engagement to create a positive and memorable experience.

At Virgin Mobile, we continuously listen to the needs of our customers to deliver the best possible experience. Recently, this included launching a new in-app chat function, allowing our customers to connect with our service team through a new convenient channel.

It’s also why we recently launched a new feature called Recommend, an innovation that helps customers get the best value from their mobile plans. Designed to help customers set the most efficient plan for their mobile needs, Recommend will send a personalised notification to customers every month and suggest a move up or down to the best possible mobile plan. 

What advances will Virgin Mobile UAE be making in the coming years in terms of Customer Experience?

Virgin Mobile UAE is committed to providing a truly unique, innovative, and fully digital mobile proposition – something that the region has never seen before. We are continually looking at new ways we can innovate to provide the very best product and customer experience for our users, contributing to the UAE’s 2021 Vision of following a strategy of innovation.

As we enter into our second year, we are focused on providing more services that will meet our customer’s future needs along with delivering new and exciting digital channels and experiences with a focus on the consumers’ desire for always on, on-demand services. We will continue to be proactive by listening to our customers’ feedback to build a mobile brand that will champion their needs and deliver an all-around amazing mobile experience.