British Orchard Nursery is the largest preschool nursery chain in UAE that provides care and education to more than 1000 children in age ranges from 3 months to 4+ years. Today, BON operates in 13 locations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, and even though they received many accolades for their excellence, BON management felt that there is still need for improvement.

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According to British Orchard Nursery, investing in employees is one of the key factors for success in UAE’s multicultural environment.

BON employs an ‘all women’ workforce from 25 nationalities that caters to parents of very young children. In order to help children fully develop their potential within a nurturing environment, BON decided that Employee Engagement is one of its Critical Success Factors in a highly sensitive, unique and competitive business arena.

When it comes to nursery education, staff members are considered to be role models for children. Therefore, their employees should promote tolerant and respectful behavior, language and attitudes. That is why BON encourages its staff to share their ideas, concerns and views through suggestions, meetings, and surveys, regardless of their race, age, gender or ethnicity.

Employees are empowered to take operational decisions based on their roles and responsibilities.

Flexible working hours, equal growth opportunities, loan facilities, subsidized education programs and extensive in-house training are some of the benefits BON’s employees are receiving as a result of investing in HR systems. To BON, it is very important that employees create warm, safe and motivating work environment. Both top-down and bottom-up management encourage the employees and parents to speak their minds. Their opinions can be heard through various feedback mechanisms such as 360 degree feedback surveys, meetings, staff appraisals and suggestion boxes.

“Good performance, hard work, sincerity is acknowledged through competitive remuneration, benefits and allowances, flexible timings, promotion awards, bonuses and staff events”

As a result of the changes in HR system, British Orchard Nursery can be proud of very high satisfaction scores on Parent Happiness (97%), Curriculum delivery (93%), Child safety (99%), Quality of Care (94%).

Finally, it seems like BON is one of the companies that recognized the true values in their business. Making the customer happy remains the top priority, but in order to do that, you need to make sure you share the same vision of success with your employees.