Cross-Device Customer Journey Mapping and how it Works
By Matt Zajechowski, Outreach Manager for Digital Third Coast

Years ago it was far easier to map your customer journey path-to-purchase. Traditionally most customers would see your ad in a newspaper, magazine or on TV. They would then locate your brick and mortar location in an attempt to purchase your product from you directly. Things were much simpler back then.

The customer journey

The customer journey has become much more convoluted with the wide variety of technological devices that customers now have access to that allow them to access your business. Shoppers have moved beyond the behavior predicted by the traditional marketing funnel. There are basically an unlimited amount of ways that customers now move through the customer journey. Research shows that only 2% of customers buy a product on their first visit to a website, meaning that it is of extreme importance to understand the different twists and turns of the customer journey so that you can recapture lost sales and business opportunities.


Cross-Channel marketing company Signal has put together a really useful infographic that covers how to keep your customers on track in the cross-device purchase journey. The infographic is full of data that covers why it’s important to create cross-device consistency along with the importance of fast response time that allows you to catch the customer when he or she is most likely to make a purchase.

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Matt ZajechowskiMatt Zajechowski
Outreach Manager for Digital Third Coast

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